Our Services

“We not focus on heights or class but we are creating best for you in our world”

Online Promotion

Online sales is another department which we should focus very seriously in this era, our world running behind the online promotions. With right sales and accurate marketing management any hotels can be its best in market and to became a successful property in Market, Travel Home Hospitality having and dedicated excellent team who having knowledge in Hospitality and Marketing with wide contacts. That’s makes us intimately acquainted with challenges hotel face.

Target Area

• Listing of our hotel in all the OTA websites and the online inventory management according to the occupancy basis by the help of strong channel’s.
• Competitive Rate distribution to thousands of leisure / Corporate travel agents and individuals.
• Online reputation is important factor now a days we maintain it through Increase the online reviews of the hotels in the travel review website like Trip advisor, Holiday IQ and Google etc.
• Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc... promotions and activities help us to reach to everyone directly.
• Our Web Designing Partner UNIWEB Technology they have a Strong Web designing team to Work and help them to give the proper key words to do the SEO and deliver the direct enquiries through SEO.
• Develop direct sales to create more profitability.

Sales, Reservation & Marketing

Travel Home Hospitality is a hotel / Resorts / Home Stay Sales, Reservation and Marketing Solution comprising a team of professionals from hospitality and Marketing industry.It’s not easy to handle reservations and sales of less key’s for a single person from other profession but they would like to promote tourism with them. Travel Home Hospitality is solution for them we are here to help them with all those solutions.

Target Area

• Proper Market focus to our target market to determine the best hotel marketing, sales strategies to existing clients and new clients and boost sales.
• We will commence a hotel marketing plan that will reach all your hotel advertising and outreach efforts and we always focus competition in market and target the proper audience.
• Keeping best friendly relationship with Clients and agents.
• Proper reservation system thru our channels helps to avoid very serious bounce cases and sold out issues.
• Tour Operator & Wholesaler Contracting.
• Online and Offline rate Distribution.
• Promotion through itineraries and charts.
• Hospitality trade shows and road shows offer a unique opportunity to network and create valuable new alliances in the hotel industry. Travel Home Hospitality can assure the presence and presentation of the hotels in the industrial show.
• Maintain the sales reports, daily and monthly.
• Keeping healthy relationship with Hotelier and Staffs also them to achieve the goals.

Slow and Steady win the race is the old phrase but if rabbit was not lazy tortoise never ever win the race but we should appreciate the tortoise that he takes time or even slow dedication in race. Dedication makes us perfect!

We need at least 4 months to dedicate for your property and to achieve a steady graph of business in your property. Some healthy factors makes us easier in success.

H.R Support & Team Making

Thru Marketing and sales Business may increase and achieve the target but we always focus on the future that’s the motivation of Travel Home Hospitality. Oral Marketing is the best marketing whatever systems we have in the world. Generate a positive feedback from the Guest only thru our services which we providing from our properties.We cannot satisfy the world with all wonders but we can make them satisfy with wonder we have and it’s only thru the Human resource power.

Target Area

• Personality Development of Individuals.
• Create awareness of Grooming and Hygienic life style.
• “ AdithiDevoBhava” Value of our custom.
• How to treat & greet the Guest?
• Awareness of Guest needs and usual enquiries.
• Value of Healthy relationship with Guest.
• Feedback collecting a importance of online reviews.
• Awareness of Arab Market.